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Visual communication design is a discipline and an academic field of study that responds to the question of whether the field is based on the juxtaposition of different sub-disciplines or on a commonality in which various disciplines such as photography, graphic arts, animation and film design intertwine and hybridize with each other.  In this context, it can be said that visual communication design can neither be reduced to a single sub-field, nor can it be said to be independent of the specializations of these sub-fields.

The curriculum of the department is designed to enable students to create creative and stimulating design solutions. While students learn to realize designs in parallel with the development in information technologies and changing aesthetic values by examining visual communication platforms with an interdisciplinary approach; on the other hand, they gain competence in creating and managing an effective visual language.

In the program, an education model is applied to create visual design skills in printed, moving and interactive media. The curriculum emphasizes visual thinking and problem solving by bringing together theory, technology and practice in the field of design. The educational model of the department, which gives equal weight to applied design learning for print, motion and interactive media, is based on the process of developing creative ideas for media, managing the design process and producing creative visual design solutions.

Visual Communication Design graduates have the opportunity to find jobs in many different sectors such as advertising agencies, media organizations, publishing houses, design studios, animation studios, web design companies, etc.