Kent Üniversitesi


Head of Program

Dear Students,

The correct use of medications prescribed for the treatment of diseases is crucial. Incorrect and unnecessary use of medicines is a fundamental problem affecting public health in our country and all over the world. In this context, pharmacy technicians and other healthcare workers play a key role in ensuring rational drug use and increasing public awareness. Our pharmacy services program aims to train competent and skilled technicians who can work in pharmaceutical companies, pharmaceutical production laboratories or pharmaceutical sales organizations.
During the two-year long associate's degree training process; basic science courses such as chemistry, biochemistry, anatomy, physiology and pharmacology, types of medicines, herbal and cosmetic drugs, toxic effects of drugs and internships during semester are included in the curriculum of the program. You can take courses of health communication and health psychology, which will help you in your professional life, where the patient approach is of immense importance, as well as elective courses in areas you are interested in that will help your personal development.
Students who graduate from our program will have the opportunity to work in a wide range of workplaces such as drugstores, pharmacies owned by public and private hospitals, the stages of pharmaceutical production and pharmaceutical warehouses as inquisitive and investigative individuals who are competent in their profession, have teamwork skills, keep up to date with the advances in technology and innovation, and are committed to ethical values.
Nowadays, students experience the excitement to choose their career path. We are looking forward to meeting with students who choose the profession of pharmacy technician, which is a critical area of the health sector. We wish you all a pleasant and healthy education life.