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Visiting Researcher Program

The Visiting Researcher Program allows researchers based abroad to benefit from the academic infrastructure of Istanbul Kent University and thus supports the development of international academic collaborations.

People who can apply to be a Visiting Researcher at Istanbul Kent University are faculty members who have a full-time academic position at a university abroad and researchers who are currently doctoral students. Applicants' research topics must be related to the aims and objectives of international organizations, especially the United Nations.

The Visiting Researcher is expected to publish the outputs of the research conducted at Istanbul Kent University in his academic work, which may appear in the form of an article, full-text paper, book chapter or book, by mentioning Istanbul Kent University and his advisor. In addition, it is important for the student to attend at least one seminar at the university as a speaker.

Visiting Researchers will be able to benefit from the library, laboratory, application and office areas associated with the Visiting Researcher Program of Istanbul Kent University campuses. There is no right to attend classes. Visiting Researchers may indicate their research experience at Istanbul Kent University only in the section related to research activities in their CV. 

The visit duration is at least one month and at most three months. The visit must be made during the fall and spring semesters shown in the academic calendar. It is the applicant's responsibility to obtain the appropriate visa type for the purpose of the visit and other permits required for the visit. The visitor must be in Istanbul during the visit dates.

Applications must be submitted via e-mail at least three months before the planned application date, explaining the applicant's research subject as shown in the application form. The Visiting Researcher will carry out his/her activities under the supervision of a faculty member determined by the full-time faculty members of Istanbul Kent University according to his/her research field. The applicant must contact the relevant faculty member and obtain approval for consultancy before applying.

The Visiting Researcher Program is free of charge. Applicants must cover all transportation, accommodation and living expenses for the visit themselves. Istanbul Kent University can provide Mesut Yılmaz Research Support to some applicants in an amount determined by the Rectorate in Turkish Liras, taking into account the nature of the research topic and the person's contribution to the university. Applicants who do not qualify for support can use scholarships obtained from external sources.

The application process for the program is carried out by the Visiting Researcher Program Office in accordance with the Visiting Researcher Program Application Directive.

The application form can be acquired here.
For your questions and applications about the program you may contact the Visiting Researcher Program Office via 


Officials of the Visiting Researcher Program Office

Dr. Murat Can Pehlivanoğlu (Visiting Researcher Program Academic Officer)
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Emel Magriso (Visiting Researcher Program Administrative Officer)