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Program Chair

The rapid developments in the field of science and technology all over the world in recent years urge us to keep up with this “AGE OF SPEED” in every aspect possible. The field of healthcare is one of the areas where these technological developments are experienced the most and it is also one of the areas that require qualified workforce the most. In parallel with the rapid development in surgical intervention methods, the need for anesthesiologists is increasing every day, and the training of graduates of the Anesthesia Program, whose need in the health sector is constantly increasing, is also becoming extremely important.

The aim of the Anesthesia program is to train qualified and productive anesthesia technicians who are capable of performing tasks such as preoperative patient preparation, assisting the anesthesiologist during surgery, assuming the responsibility of patient control and monitoring after the surgery, fulfilling professional duties and responsibilities in a team in accordance with ethics and the legislation, having the ability to improve themselves and update their occupational skills and competencies, identifying and solving problems, effective communication within the team, giving importance to human health and fulfilling their social responsibilities.

Accordingly, Anesthesia Program was created with the technological infrastructure and educational opportunities within the university by using all the facilities of modern education to enable students to gain the skills to take on the tasks and responsibilities they will face in their professional lives.