Kent Üniversitesi


Dentistry Practice and Research Center at Istanbul Kent University (İKDM) was founded according to the decision declared in official gazette on 17.05.2019 numbered 30777

İKDM prepares education programs and curriculums in various fields which helps graduates of dental health and dental prosthesis departments in our university as well as other related graduates from universities around the country in all levels from bachelor’s to master’s and doctorate. These programs also help develop themselves regarding the professional knowledge, experience and personal development.

Life long learning which is revised to meet all the educational needs of the individuals is crucial in adapting the constant change nowadays. Technology changing rapidly requires the continuing education of professionals in the field of dentistry as well as in all other industries.

İKDM contributes to the continuing learning needs in the field of dentistry with its educational and research & development activities prepared based on the demands of all the stakeholders in the industry.

Continuing learning activities include academic activities ranging from decision of training topics to creating the ways of giving the training, from selecting the educators to education materials and the setting. These are constructed based on the written procedures and planned according to the scientific and up to date knowledge.

It is aimed that the content of the trainings within İKDM will be programs consist of real or possible case analyses, simulations based on objective elements in public emphasizing the dimension of practice .

Activities in İKDM differs in field, program, researches as well as the network with the industry professionals. Curriculums for the Professional life are based on the programs which is integrated with the field, so that they will contribute to the personal development of the individuals as well as the experience and ability for the Professional life.

These trainings of İKDM will also contribute to the society’ knowledge about oral and dental health.

Practice and researches within İKDM provide chance of development not only for dentists but also for BA students with research & development works.

İKDM continues its researches and programs in Taksim Campus in Istanbul Kent University.

The academic contributions of İKDM to related departments and programs in Faculty of Dentistry, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Faculty of Health Sciences, Health Services Vocational School, Institute of Social Sciences are as follows:

* To contribute to the applied dimension of theoretical infrastructure using the network between university-industry with trainings within İKDM,

* Following up the updates in the field of dentistry,

* With the researches of academic staff for educational and Project activities, helping to enrich the academic content in curriculums,

* Revising the academic curriculum based on the needs as a result of the projects, and educate dentists and provide stakeholders for the currents needs of the industry,

* Doing researches and attempts to improve the quality of the dental and oral health services in the society, and train Professional who has the vision of contributing to the improvement in the policies of oral and dental.