Kent Üniversitesi



Dear Students,

As Istanbul Kent University Vocational School, we act with the mission of training the qualified and modern workforce needed within the framework of Turkey's development plans.

We care about our students graduating ready for business life and improving their employment opportunities. For this purpose, we operate in coordination with all our stakeholders and take into account the current needs of our students. We continue to support our country's working life with national and international scientific activities with our dynamic academic staff.

We started our education and training activities at Istanbul Kent University Vocational School with the Justice Program, which is currently called the Court Office Services Program. During the process, with the opening of the Computer Programming and Hair Care and Beauty Services Program, we increased the total number of programs in our school to three. Each of our programs has a two-year curriculum consisting of four academic semesters, and we conduct our courses in a science and student-oriented manner, with our instructors who are experts in their fields and have practical experience, accompanied by private classrooms, practice areas and library resources.

We offer our students an education and training environment where they can explore their own interests and skills without being limited to the program area in which they are placed. In addition to basic vocational courses, we have a diverse pool of elective courses, including foreign language courses. We also provide students with the opportunity to do double majors and minors with certain programs.

We aim for our graduates to be employed by both private and public institutions as a result of the education they receive at the Vocational School. We carry out certified and employment-oriented internship programs with industry representatives to increase internship and job opportunities for our students. We take care to provide a DGS course for our students who want to continue their undergraduate programs with the Vertical Transfer Exam and ensure that the curriculum is compatible with the undergraduate level. We organize many events to introduce our students to practice and professional life. We continue our in-class and extracurricular activities, especially City Justice Meetings, Vocational School Workshops, Vocational School Competitions, Entrepreneurship Competitions and Year-End Fashion Show.

As Istanbul Kent University Vocational School, we continue to prepare and offer an academic environment where our students can acquire the awareness of distinguishing true information from false information, the culture of respect for people and nature, and the ability to adopt professional developments.

I invite prospective students to a life adventure at the Vocational School, and I would like to thank our registered and graduate students for their contributions to our mission.

Assoc. Dr. Murat Can Pehlivanoğlu

Vocational School Director