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Program Chair

Dear students,

Child development is the growth and development process of the child, starting from the mother’s womb until adulthood. This process is a complex process influenced by genetic codes, family, environment, society, and education systems. For this reason, it is of great importance to monitor and evaluate the development of the child, take measures sometimes, to provide changes and the necessary support. 

The Child Development Program is an undergraduate program established due to the need for healthy guidance and constructive interventions when necessary, education and counseling for children to live in a healthy environment. The program aims to train auxiliary professionals for units that provide services to children, families, and society, with educational programs that support the development of children between the ages of 0-18 who show normal development and have special needs.

The Child Development Program, which is a part of the Health Services Vocational School of our university, provides you, our students, with a highly specialized academic staff, with training on the development areas of the child, including theoretical lessons, laboratory classes, and in-service practices.
After two years of associate degree training, our graduates can work as auxiliary staff in nurseries, kindergartens, childcare centers, special education and rehabilitation centers, daycare centers, hospitals, and playrooms of child clinics. Our associate degree graduates can complete their undergraduate education by applying to the undergraduate programs of the departments such as Child Development, Pre-School Teaching, Special Education Teaching with DGS.

Our graduates praise us as individuals who have universal, cultural, and ethical values, have clear skills and consciousness in their professional field, have lifelong learning awareness, follow sectoral developments in science and technology, and constantly renew and develop themselves.

We wish you all success in your education and new life.