Kent Üniversitesi


This is the unit responsible for conducting, keeping and archiving official correspondence in to and out of the University.


The Directorate of Editorial Affairs aims to carry out the following tasks in accordance with the  relevant laws and regulations.


In accordance with the objectives and principles determined by Istanbul Kent University and pursuant to the legislation, to plan, direct, coordinate, etc. all works and operations regarding the tasks of the Directorate of Editorial Affairs in line with the principles of effectiveness and efficiency; to conduct the correspondence of the rectorate; to ensure the recording, protection, preservation and archiving of incoming and outgoing documents; preparation of daily correspondence, transfers, follow-up of paperwork and initial recording of all written documents, motions, and applications to the University.

Electronic Document Management System (EBYS)

  • Preparation and follow-up of all necessary works for the complete and smooth operation of EBYS use in our University.
  • To provide support for the use and operation of EBYS and to ensure that the system is used correctly.
  • To perform the authorization, enrolment, data entry and other identification processes of users within the institution during the application process, and to control the correspondence codes of units and perform the entry and identification procedures for the system.
  • To provide planning and preparation of the necessary environment when EBYS training is requested.
  • To ensure that the problems of registered email accounts used within the scope of university e-correspondence are fixed.
  • To conduct work monitoring and controlling activities in the use of EBYS applications.
  • To make DETTIS-IYEM data entries of corporate and executive information.
  • To find solutions to problems from the e-mail address of Electronic Document Management System, and to contact the company to solve problems and inform users via email when necessary.
  • To provide the necessary coordination in transactions related to e-signature.
  • To ensure the publication of necessary announcements in the organization regarding EBYS
  • To respond promptly to problems regarding EBYS and to inform the Information Technology Directorate of problems that cannot be resolved.

EBYS address of Istanbul Kent University is as follows:

EBYS Support e-mail address is as follows:

The Registered E-mail Address of Istanbul Kent University is as follows: