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Pathology Laboratory Techniques

Dear Students, 

Pathology Laboratory Techniques Program is an associate degree program in which well-equipped and knowledgeable pathology technicians with technical skills, who can apply the necessary methods and techniques in the diagnosis of patient samples, are trained.

Our students will graduate as expert healthcare workers in their relevant field thanks to the theoretical and practical training of basic health sciences and field courses as well as fundamental pathology techniques used in the diagnosis of diseases, which they will learn from our expert staff. Furthermore, courses of molecular pathology methods, which are used in diagnosis and research in pathology laboratories, in our curriculum will strengthen the competencies of our students. Our applied courses are conducted in the full-fledged pathology laboratory of the Vocational School of Health Services. In order to consolidate students' technical education, internship is included in the 3rd and 4th semester of our curriculum. 

Goals of the Associate’s Degree Program of Pathology Laboratory Techniques are to train technicians, who know the fundamentals of pathology laboratory, know and implement all steps from the moment when samples taken from patients arrive at pathology laboratory until they are examined under a microscope, have knowledge about the current research in pathology and follow developments in the field of healthcare.

Graduates of the program will have job opportunities in accordance with their education in public and/or private institutions and organizations in the field of medical pathology services. In addition, they will have the opportunity to study at the undergraduate level (bachelor's degree program) and improve their careers via vertical transfer.

Our program, which combines basic and advanced techniques in the field of pathology, will provide our students with wide employment opportunities and provide them with self-confidence in their further education.