Kent Üniversitesi


Information Technologies at Istanbul Kent University is the unit that fully operates the information and communication system; supports education, training and research and manages the structures that were developed, produced and purchased in accordance with the needs of units. It focuses on increasing the accessibility of Information Technology services and has a vision of developing the infrastructure of the organization by following the latest technology trends.


Our goal is to offer maximum benefit from the opportunities of information and communication technologies to our academic and administrative staff and students, and to establish, manage, develop and maintain the necessary infrastructure to make internet technologies accessible in terms of information security.


Istanbul Kent University Information Technology resources cannot be used for purposes contrary to the laws of the Republic of Turkey and University Regulations. Istanbul Kent University's information and communication systems cannot be used under any circumstances for any illegal purpose that violates rights and freedoms, is disturbing or may harm the institution.

Since users are responsible for the proper and intended use of all physical and software equipment, the rights are reserved to take the necessary actions in the event of detection of abuse.

Internet traffic of all networks of Istanbul Kent University is recorded on a client basis in accordance with the Law No. 5651 on the Regulation of Publications on the Internet and Combating Crimes Committed by Means of Such Publication. Fairness and security are essential in the use of Information Technology resources at Istanbul Kent University. It is essential to take the necessary measures against applications that may pose threats and risks through unfair use of network traffic or various virtual private network software which can affect the use of others.

All computers that are in common use return to their factory settings when they are reset. During the active period, no data should be stored in these computers, no applications should be installed without approval, and connections whose source is unknown should not be visited. In case of any failure, the person concerned should be informed and personal intervention should be avoided. All user accounts that are opened for the academic staff, administrative staff, and students when their activity starts, are closed for use with the termination of the activity in the institution.

For information security, Istanbul Kent University stores client information to access the source of any harmful interference and content on the network. No material, which violates the general code of ethics, produces, transmits, and contains obscene, scary, and offensive content, violates the rights of other real or legal entities, can be produced. Anyone who uses Istanbul Kent University Information Technology Services agrees and undertakes to comply with all rules from the beginning of the services.

Istanbul Kent University Information Technologies Office has the right to monitor, record and control all types of information and communication service activities if necessary.