Kent Üniversitesi


Lecturer Aylin İPEK TİMUR

It is just possible to build an accessible world of equal opportunity based upon universal design principles through seeking social justice and the human rights. This is an ideal that must evoke action and thinking in all the inviduals in the society.

Disability Studies Application and Research Center at Istanbul Kent University is a foundation that believes in the positive effect of collective transformation which branches out from within to other individuals by creating awareness with science.

The “Notion of disability”, which has been named with many different terminologies from past to present, is defined as the state of being affected by the fact that individuals' full, equal and effective participation in life being restricted by social perception, attitudes and environmental factors.

This has shifted the focus of the disability phenomenon from the loss and inadequacy of the individual's physical, mental, sensory and mental abilities, and the bio-psycho-social barriers created by the society into vital disadvantages for individuals. Thus, the notion of disability has become an umbrella concept covering all individuals affected by social disadvantages.

Today, the concept of disability is associated with the knowledge, awareness and responsibility of the society. In that case, it is inevitable to take action to ensure that individuals with disabilities can benefit from the effects of social disadvantages, as well as accessibility, rights and opportunities in all other fields, which are basic human rights such as education, employment, health, art, sports, culture, law and rehabilitation, on an equal basis with other members of the society. It has become an essential task.

The studies carried out within DSARC (EÇAM) are carried out by bringing together scientists with a multidisciplinary understanding, by handling the concept of disability with the aforementioned vision, sense of duty and responsibility. Our center aims to reduce and eliminate the negative effects of disability by conducting research projects, scientific meetings and publications, and producing social policies.

“Be the change you want to see in the world.”

M. Gandhi