Kent Üniversitesi


Head of Department

Dear Students,

By choosing Kent University Electroneurophysiology Program, you took a big step for your education and for your professional life in future. We aim to do our best to train not only well-educated, equipped technicians but also conscientious and empathetic healthcare workers.

A high- quality syllabus consisting of both theoretical and practical lessons awaits for you. Anatomy, Physiology, Emergency Medicine, Medical Biology, Neurology, Microbiology, Public Health, Health Legislation, Psychology, EEG- EMG etc.  are some of the lessons you will get during the program.

Our graduates will have the opportunity to work in state hospitals and universities, private hospitals and universities and also in private practices as competent professionals.

Our precious healtcare worker-to-be students, always keep in mind that you are the integral parts of the healthcare services. We believe that you will be ready for both national and international occupational opportunites with the high level education you will get here. You will always be welcomed by our whole depatment.

I wish you all a fine, healty and successful academic year.