Kent Üniversitesi


Our mission

Our main mission is to conduct studies bringing together the interdisciplinary research of the academy, multi-dimensional applications of the industry and all the dynamics of social structures on issues such as violence against women, domestic violence and conflicts, gender equality, correct positioning of the process of socialization and professionalization at the macro and micro levels and its implementation.

Our Vision

  • To ensure the stakeholdership of academy, sector & social structures;
  • Rethinking the outcomes of the social order from an academic perspective;
  • To examine the concepts of sectoral adaptation and sociological manipulation;
  • To carry out studies to strengthen the achievements of women in professional life and what they have acquired in professional life in the literature and application processes;
  • To accept researchers both from the university and from other institutions of the academy, sectoral structures and society; to participate in joint projects and studies.

Objectives of the Center

The following are the objectives of the center:

a) To conduct studies in the field of family, gender and women's studies in cooperation with faculties, vocational schools and the institute in the academy, to prepare content that will help including gender equality in education and make it understood, to conduct trainings and activities to raise awareness among academic and administrative staff.
b) To contribute to interdisciplinary research in areas such as family, gender and politics, gender and human rights, gender and business life.
c) To prepare an educational program on family, gender and women's studies at international standards and to carry out studies to include this program in undergraduate education as an elective course at the University.
d) To encourage raising gender awareness within university and public opinion, to work with the aim of improving socio-economic status of women, to cooperate with public institutions, private institutions, non-governmental organizations and centers in other universities to raise gender equality awareness, to develop projects and conduct scientific research pursuant to the provisions of the relevant legislation.
e) To provide consultancy to institutions in order to produce solutions to the problems experienced by women in politics and business life in accordance with the provisions of the relevant legislation.
f) To create a platform where interdisciplinary joint studies are conducted and presented every year in the field of family, gender and women's studies within the university.
g) To contribute to the transfer of the results obtained from research on family, gender and women's studies to executives.
h) To encourage and provide academic support for projects and theses that university students will carry out in the field of gender and women's studies at the undergraduate and graduate levels.