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Intellectual property is an intellectual property owned by an individual or entity; said person or entity may choose to freely share or control the use of that product. 
On the other hand, industrial property is a right that ensures that inventions, innovations and original works in industry are registered on behalf of the first practitioners and thus the first practitioners have the right to produce and sell the product. Industrial property rights cover patents, utility models, trademarks and designs.
R&D and Project Management Office informs academicians and students about intellectual and industrial property rights, provides consultancy and contract management regarding intellectual and industrial property rights.

How Do We Provide Support?

  • Providing support in raising awareness about the protection of the scientific knowledge with intellectual and industrial property rights
  • Ensuring that the applicants are informed about the processes one-on-one
  • Ensuring that some stages of the patent application process are carried out on behalf of the applicants         
  • Ensuring the control and acceptance of University researchers' Invention Notification forms
  • Conducting preliminary research on the patentability and commercialization of reported inventions
  • Ensuring that the processes of intellectual and industrial property rights are managed in accordance with the policies of İstanbul Kent University
  • Preparing all kinds of documents regarding intellectual and industrial property
  • Organizing trainings on intellectual and industrial property awareness,
  • Determining the studies that can be evaluated within the scope of intellectual property in universities