Kent Üniversitesi


Our Quality Policy is based on the aim of becoming an internationally prestigious university and having long-term strategies by constantly increasing the quality of education.

With our educational activities, we aim to raise individuals who does researches, ask questions, has access to information, has the ability to solve problems and create contributive projects. In this respect, main principles of our university which aims to reach the world standards in education as well as in research and development are as follows:

Prioritizing the execution of the main principles which reflect the corporate value within the framework of mission and vision of the university.

Ensuring the participation of all internal and external stakeholders including the students, administrative/academic staff into all the processes and increasing the satisfaction.

Embracing the approach of continuous improvement and sustainability in all specialty fields of the university.

Continuous improvement in education, research, and administrative processes.

With the approach of sustainability, improving the content and quality of educational, social and activities related to researches.

Becoming one of the best universities which represents our country internationally.

With all these principles, we aim to help our country reach the level of welfare by implementing the system of quality management in all structures of the university and ensure the sustainability to become a contemporary university of world.