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Operating Room Services

Program Chair

Dear Students,

By choosing Kent University Operating Room Services Program, you took a big step for your education and for your professional life in future.

The Operating Room Services Program plays a very important role in the healthcare industry. Our understanding of education, which makes a difference in line with the expectations and needs in health, is identified with our strong education staff and the traditional Kent University position.

In the training of the Operating Room Services Program, you, our students, will have the necessary theoretical and practical knowledge about preparing the patient and necessary materials in advance in accordance with surgical asepsis, antisepsis, sterilization and disinfection conditions. Ensuring the proper use of surgical materials, meeting the requirements of the surgeon you will be responsible for before, during or after the operation, preparing and maintaining the operating room, as well as being ready for different surgical conditions with different surgical teams will constitute the main skeleton of the training you will receive. Our program includes courses such as anatomy, physiology and microbiology, which form the basis of medicine and health, as well as courses such as internal diseases and surgical diseases, infectious diseases, anesthesia practices and professional practices. Our students are prepared for professional life with our supportive courses such as professional ethics, healthcare management and research methods.

Our Operating Room Services is an international field that needs well-trained new graduates as long as the increasing number of hospitals are put into service and surgical treatment and practices continue. For this reason, it needs many new graduates who are well-equipped in their field. Our students who graduate from the program are employed within the Ministry of Health and in private sector institutions and organizations that offer Operating Room Services. In addition, they can transfer to the departments of nursing, nursing and health services, emergency aid and disaster management with the external transfer exam.

Our training for operating room technician based on ethical principles ensures that we have sufficient knowledge and skills in the field that tends to develop throughout life, make a difference. In addition to these professional knowledge and skills, it also aims to provide our students with the ability to communicate effectively, work in a team, recognize and solve problems. In order to achieve this basic goal, all of our faculty members and staff of our department and our administrative staff work with great effort and seriousness. If you adopt our department's goals and work with us in achieving these goals, it will make our existence more meaningful.
I wish you all a fine, healthy and successful academic year.

Prof. Acar AREN, MD

Director of Operating Room Services Program Department