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Welcome to the Psychology Department of Istanbul Kent University, nestled in the vibrant city of Istanbul, where we're dedicated to enriching individual, societal, and scientific growth with utmost enthusiasm!

At our remarkable department, we are dedicated to fostering academic and personal growth and community engagement. With a team of renowned faculty members and great research opportunities, we provide a supportive and stimulating environment for students to thrive.

Whether you're thinking of continuing your undergraduate journey or pursuing advanced studies in psychology, we offer a comprehensive curriculum which is enriched by contemporary theories and practices in psychology. Our commitment to lifelong learning extends beyond the classroom, as we actively encourage students to participate in internships, research projects, and extracurricular activities to enrich their learning experience.
In addition to our undergraduate psychology program, please discover our high quality Clinical Psychology Master of Arts program which offers a blend of rigorous coursework, hands-on training, and practical experiences. Our CBT-oriented curriculum equips students with the skills, clinical experience and knowledge needed to excel in the field.

As you explore the dynamic field of psychology with us, we invite you to join our faculty members and change-makers dedicated to making a positive impact on the world

Welcome to the Psychology Department at Istanbul Kent University, where so many possibilities and opportunities await your discovery.

Dr. Levent KURT

Head of Department