Kent Üniversitesi

Prof. Dr. Volkan Yücel

Istanbul Kent University Digital Game Design sees digital games as powerful media tools and aims to provide students with the competence to master game design by combining creative thinking with technical and organizational skills in the competitive environment of the industry. In recent years, the global digital gaming industry has reached unprecedented heights with the influence of digital distribution networks, becoming one of the leading creative sectors. This ever-evolving industry requires constant adaptation in both technology and design. Istanbul Kent University Digital Game Design Department operates with the belief that Turkey will train educated and innovative game designers in this highly competitive environment.

An important feature and advantage of the department is that design is treated as an interactive process of communication and storytelling that a designer conveys to players through experience using the gaming language. In this context, students are encouraged to develop innovative ideas in the field of game design and participate in experimental studies. The department has a close relationship with disciplines such as visual communication design and computer programming, and emphasizes interdisciplinary collaboration.

Students are expected to understand how to use digital technology for specific purposes by understanding design principles and methodologies. Additionally, students must have the ability to predict how the game systems they design will create emotional reactions in players. Therefore, students are encouraged to show interest in fields such as psychology, sociology, statistics, art and digital culture. Istanbul Kent University Digital Game Design Department is looking for creative individuals who can seamlessly combine design skills, technical abilities and empathy in the game production process.