Kent Üniversitesi


In accordance with the current legislation, Office of Legal Counsellor is the unit responsible of providing legal consultancy services in matters such as conducting processes and procedures regarding the disputes and conflict between our university staff, students and other individuals and institutions in judicial and administrative authorities, defending the rights of the institution and collecting receivables.


Ensuring that all operations and transactions related to the fulfilment of public service of our university are carried out in line with the principle of the rule of law, that violations of the law are eliminated within the framework of legislation in order to ensure justice, and making maximum efforts in accordance with the protection of the interests of our university.

To perform the tasks stipulated in the legislation with developing and changing technological opportunities by highlighting the principles of cooperation, awareness of responsibility, accountability and rule of law, with a management approach that is open to innovation, transparent, participatory, sharing and questioning.

The duties of the Office of Legal Counsellor are as follows:

  • Offering legal consultancy to the Rector on every necessary legal issue about the services carried out by the University,
  • Responding to requests for legal opinions of units affiliated to the University,
  • Participating in the work related to regulations such as laws, legislations, regulations, directives, circulars and instructions referred to the Legal Counsellor, expressing opinions,
  • When necessary, carrying out and concluding all kinds of legal proceedings to which the University is a party,
  • Carrying out the necessary operations in terms of notifications from judicial authorities and the notification sent by other entities and institutions on matters within the scope of the duty of the legal counsellor.