Kent Üniversitesi



Dear Students,

I congratulate you on choosing to become a member of Istanbul Kent University and the nursing profession in this city, where the first torch of the nursing profession was lit.

Nursing is a science-based health discipline that begins with the birth of a person, protects the health of individual, family and public at all stages of life, heals them in case of illness, aims to achieve the desired quality of health and life.

We attach importance on training our students to become nurses, who are devoted to the nursing profession, have humanitarian values, are capable of empathy, have the ability of critical thinking and good interpersonal communication skills, are self-confident and respectful of the rights of individuals and patients, committed to ethical principles, possess evidence-based know-how and skills, are questioning, entrepreneurial, responsible and competent researchers, and leaders in their field having adopted the principle of lifelong learning.

As Nursing Department, when planning the training of students in terms of theory and practice so that they will have the competence of contemporary professional nursing, we seek to offer a nursing program that offers social and cultural opportunities and the opportunity for interdisciplinary collaboration, encourages to participate in professional organizations, supports innovation and project development, offers the opportunity to get to know different cultures with the Erasmus programme, develops the approach of transcultural nursing, enhances interdisciplinary interaction, endows the competence of conducting scientific research and specialization with graduate programs.

When a student graduates from the Department of nursing with the title of “Nurse”, she/he can work in many workplaces such as Family Health Centers, clinics of hospitals, occupational health units, rehabilitation centers, home care services, education and counseling centers, schools, kindergartens and nursing homes, research centers, pharmaceutical companies, health insurance companies and quality units. They can also work in different sectors such as home care, nursing homes and outpatient care centers as self-employed. In addition, you can work as an academician in universities by enrolling in a graduate program of nursing.

I believe that when choosing this department, you will be aware of the fact that you are a member of one of the most important professions that can touch people. As the Department of Nursing of Istanbul Kent University, we want you to know that we will always be by your side in your individual and academic development with our expert academic staff, and we are looking forward to seeing you with us.

Assoc. Prof. Seher Yurt