Kent Üniversitesi


Center carries out below-mentioned activities in accordance with its purpose:

a) Creating a supportive and accepting environment for individuals with disabilities by raising awareness in the society.

b) Creating a wide communication network by bringing together scientist that work in different disciplines regarding disability studies, developing joint research and projects.

c) Following and reporting violations of rights regarding disabilities, conducting interdisciplinary studies on their causes and how to prevent them, and sending the results of those studies to relevant institutions.

d) Accommodating the educational and physical infrastructure of the university so that, the individuals with disabilities can fully and actively participate in the university activities.

e) Joining the information web of national and international institutions and creating an information web.

f) Supporting the policy-making process about the issues of introducing and spreading disability rights and forming public opinion.

g) Cooperating with the relevant public institutions and NGOs on disability rights and providing counselling services.

h) Organizing national and international scientific events, such as; congress, panels, symposiums and workshops.

i) Publishing books, journals, leaflets etc.

j) Carrying out training activities and supporting academically associate’s programs, bachelor’s programs and doctorate programs, and conducting joint projects.