Kent Üniversitesi



By closely monitoring developments at global, regional and national levels  

  1. To make predictions for the future 
  2. To create proposals for the re-determination of national and international security strategies 
  3. To conduct scholarly research in the fields of politics, economics, technology, environment, society and culture, both at the national and international levels 
  4. To produce realistic and workable strategies 



  1. To analyze new formations and strategies of world power centers 
  2. To foresee the effects of this structure on global and regional developments 
  3. To produce new projects that contribute to global and regional expansions 
  4. To analyze the new national and international security environment 
  5. To develop security strategies for new threats and risks 
  6. To make suggestions for the renewal of existing strategies 
  7. To develop solutions to regional, global and national problems 
  8. To make suggestions that encourage intercultural reconciliation 
  9. To design new projects in this field 
  10. To produce projects and make suggestions on renewable energy, sustainable development, as well as the creation and maintenance of a healthy environment 


  1. National outlook on solutions to problems 
  2. Working with an interdisciplinary approach
  3. Original and appropriate approaches 
  4. Respect for divergent opinions 
  5. Ability to create awareness 
  6. Creation and development of strategies 
  7. Openness to cooperation 
  8. A constantly renewing and improving understanding 
  9. Participation in joint projects 



  1. To create an environment conducive to scholarly research and discussion by bringing together faculty members, diplomats and industry representatives 
  2. To create a documentation center to monitor national, regional and global developments on a regular basis 
  3. To prepare scholarly research projects 
  4. To organize events at national and international levels 
  5. To cooperate with academic research institutions 
  6. To organize certification programs 
  7. To raise awareness and guide our students toward solving global and regional challenges 
  8. To share research results with the public through newsletters, journals, reports, analyses and books 
  9. To announce global, regional and national developments to their respective members via social media 
  10. To publish national and international peer-reviewed journals