Kent Üniversitesi

Dear youth and scientists...

From my point of view, every person who dedicates himself / herself to producing and improving life, is a scientist. Without a doubt, to be an inventor and to present your invention to the service of humanity, is quite a rewarding and joyful sentiment. German polymath, man of letters, politician, painter and scientist, Wolfgang Van Goethe says "Invention, is the end result that seekers attain." From this point of view, my humble advice to you is; do not give up researching, learning and wondering for all your life. Do not stray from the path of truth and science.

As Istanbul Kent University family; with modern classrooms and laboratories with technologic infrastructure that will serve all of your research throughout your academic life, the academic personnel formed by leading experts in their respected areas with a student-focused education approach and the administrative personnel, we are expecting to see you in our campus that combines history with technology and stands out with its urban architecture, which is located at the heart of Istanbul, Taksim.

May science be with you, Cordially.

Prof. M.D. M. Necmettin ATSÜ

Rector of Istanbul Kent University V.