Kent Üniversitesi

Director's Message

Dear Students,

As the Institute of Graduate Studies of Istanbul Kent University, with a foundation of high quality academic education and academic staff that is formed by leading experts in their respective areas, in the light of scientific responsibility and ethical values, with an understanding that can foresee the shifts we may face today and in the future, we aimed to introduce a qualified, competent and confident labor force which is committed to national and cultural values, capable of competing nationally and internationally in any field and following closely scientific, technical and technological global innovations, to academic world and private sector.

Toward reaching this goal; the courses that are thought, theses that are written and projects that are carried out in the framework of master's degree programs (Clinical Psychology with thesis and non-thesis master's degree program, International Business Administration with thesis and non-thesis master's degree program, Healthcare Management with thesis and non-thesis master's degree program and Occupational Health and Safety non thesis master's degree program) at the Institute of Graduate Studies, along with a strong theoretical foundation and in the light of practice-oriented studies will redound the necessary solutions and academic studies to scientific world on a national and international scope.

Institute of Graduate Studies of Istanbul Kent University will initiate new master's degree programs in line with the needs in addition to above mentioned existing programs, which will strengthen interdisciplinary perspective.

If you want to receive a high-quality education that combines theory with practice in the light of contemporary knowledge, Istanbul Kent University is the right address. 

Yours Sincerely...

Asst. Prof. Bülent Demir

Head of Institute of Graduate Studies