Kent Üniversitesi

Dear Students,

ENEV (Unimpeded Education Foundation) was founded to keep up with the significant changes brought about by the rapidly changing world, to serve society in backbone fields of life such as social, cultural and educational and to successfully benefit from the offerings of the modern world while keeping safe local values. With Istanbul Kent University, one of Turkey’s newest universities established under the roof of ENEV, we are honored to invest in Turkey’s bright future and its well-rooted traditions.

Our university has no religious, linguistic, racial or sexist boundaries and we continue to work for a world of education without limits; content in the knowledge that we have opened up the opportunities provided by our university to all elements of our society. Our education center is based in Taksim, at the heart of Istanbul, where the German Hospital used to be located – so our students are just a step away from city life and all it has to offer. Our goal is that our students will enjoy this space and feel like they belong there; and eventually embrace it as their own.

With the technological amenities we provide, our professional academic staff renowned in the world of education and the quality, well-respected and accepted educational approach we offer, our biggest joy is that our students choose to continuously be illuminated with the light of life and to achieve the life they wish to lead. 

Istanbul Kent University was established in order to guide development in Turkey’s transformational journey, to find permanent solutions to our current problems to secure our future, to become the priority choice in education not only for Turkish students but for students from all over the world with the world-class education we provide; and to create, improve and share this all over Turkey and around the world. We hope Kent University will be a vessel using which we will be able to serve everyone by touching the dreams of humanity along with the young people who are the true owners of the future.

I invite all to Istanbul Kent University to partake in works that we feel proud of to minute detail and to witness dreams overflowing with happiness come true.

With my deepest love and regards,

  • Chairwoman of The Board of Trustees