Kent Üniversitesi


Dear Students,

As the Department of Nutrition and Dietetics at Istanbul Kent University, our primary aim is to train "Dietitians" who are researchers and innovative, who apply and develop their professional knowledge with the awareness of lifelong learning, and who have universal thoughts and values, with the aim of protecting, improving and developing health through adequate and balanced nutrition and increasing the quality of life.

As Istanbul Kent University Department of Nutrition and Dietetics, our mission is to protect and improve the health of the society throughout life with adequate and balanced nutrition by applying an education-training program at international standards, to train highly qualified "Dietitians" who have universal thoughts and values and are committed to Ataturk's principles and revolutions, and also to contribute to the benefit of society in the fields of research, education, and service. Our vision is to be a recognized, preferred, exemplary and leading educational institution in Turkey and the world with scientific studies, training and consultancy services in the field of Nutrition and Dietetics.

In order to realize our mission and vision, our main goal within the scope of our education and training program is to train people-oriented, ethical, tolerant, participatory, innovative and researcher dietitians. In this context, our course programs covering theoretical and practical education have been prepared in accordance with the National Core Education Program published by the Council of Higher Education. Our English-medium department was opened as of the 2023-2024 academic year in order to educate graduates with internationalization and universal qualifications. 

Our department also has state-of-the-art facilities and academic equipment not only in undergraduate education but also in postgraduate education, with its highly experienced and respected faculty members in their fields and constantly renewed infrastructure. In addition to improving their theoretical knowledge by doing projects and assignments, preparing seminars and dissertations within the scope of intensive course programs, our students also have the opportunity to apply and develop the professional knowledge and skills they have learned in our well-equipped research laboratories and thanks to applied course/internship programs. At the same time, the social activities of our Istanbul Kent University Department of Nutrition and Dietetics aim to maximize the individual development of our students.

Dietitians who graduate from the department of nutrition and dietetics have employment opportunities in many fields. Some of these areas are:

  • Inpatient treatment institutions,
  • Renal care units,
  • Diabetes education centers,
  • In the enteral-parenteral nutrition team,
  • In special diet clinics,
  • In mass feeding systems (in nurseries, schools, food factories, hotel food and beverage services, all institutions that provide mass feeding, etc.),
  • Food industry,
  • Private or public institutions related to food and nutrition,
  • Executive dietitian,
  • Public health services; mother and child health centres, family health centres, elderly care centres,
  • Sports centres,
  • Serving as a researcher, trainer, therapist and rehabilitator in education and research institutions

Our goal is to create a healthier society with our department's high-quality graduates, each of whom will be global citizens.

I wish you success in your education and professional life.

Prof. Dr. Gamze AKBULUT

Head of Nutrition and Dietetics Department