Kent Üniversitesi


The Health, Culture and Sports Directorate considers among its primary objectives to ensure that students enrich themselves in social, cultural and sports fields during their university lives, to expand their interests, and to support their active lives in national and international arenas. It provides this support through student clubs and the student council.

The Health, Culture and Sports Directorate undertakes the role of guiding, organizing, supporting and supervising the activities carried out under the leadership of student clubs and the student council. In addition to all these, our directorate realizes its student-focused business plan through one-on-one communication with the student.

In order to strengthen the professional equipment of our students in addition to their academic life at university, we invite leading national and international organization managers and organize events such as panels, interviews, conferences and seminars with our guests. The university plays a supportive role in helping our young people become researchers, critical and free-thinking individuals.

As the Directorate of Health, Culture and Sports, we aim to support the physical development of our university youth, to encourage them to embrace the importance of physical and mental health, and to develop their psychomotor properties by using the Fitness Center and organizing sports competitions.

One of the most basic missions of the Health, Culture and Sports Directorate is to ensure that students become creative, talented, enlightened faces of the future with cultural and social values through student clubs.

The infirmary service within the Directorate of Health, Culture and Sports provides first and emergency medical aid support to eliminate health problems that our students and colleagues may experience.