Kent Üniversitesi


Directorate of Health, Culture and Sports (SKS) conduct works for the protection of physical and mental health of our students, provides treatment to those who are ill, facilitates shelter, nutrition, studying, resting, and extracurricular activities according to students' interests or offering new possibilities so that students gain new interests. Student club activities, sportive and cultural activities are carried out in SKS Directorate and health, guidance and psychological counseling services are provided. SKS Directorate conducts research and practice for the realization of those goals.


The goal of the Health Culture and Sports Directorate; is to meet the social, cultural, sportive counseling and guidance needs of students and it serves as a healthcare organization for the entire institution it serves.

To make the necessary planning and to take necessary measures in order to provide the best service to the students and members of our university within the framework of the opportunities, powers and responsibilities assigned to us pursuant to the regulation.


Health, Culture and Sports Directorate endeavours to meet the needs of our university students and always tries to do better in line with our mission and vision. We share the events and announcements of our directorate with the public through our official website and official social media accounts. The main tasks of our Directorate are as follows;

  • Meeting the sportive, cultural and social needs of our students by keeping the physical and mental health of our university students at the most optimal level,
  • Ensuring that the social status of students is bettered.
  • Ensuring that all kinds of work and transactions related to student clubs are carried out in accordance with the Student Clubs Directive and evaluating demands.
  • In accordance with the relevant legislation, ensuring that the work and operations related to the directorate staff and students working part-time are carried out.
  • Ensuring that student council operations are carried out.