Kent Üniversitesi

Director's Message 


In the 21st century, the primary function of Strategic Research Centers lies in perceiving the new dynamics that drive change or in producing the appropriate strategies and policies by predicting the rapidly evolving trends. 

The goal of KENTUSAM within our University is to produce and develop alternative policies and strategies. 

Nowadays, the multifaceted evolution of events and the complexity of challenges raise the necessity to identify developments in a timely and accurate manner, as well as to generate alternative policies.

With KENTUSAM, we aim to monitor developments closely, determine realistic predictions about the future and develop the most appropriate and sound strategies. 

For this purpose, young and dynamic researchers will be brought together and guided at our University, synergetic relationships will be created, and the wisdom acquired will be shared with the world of science. 

With KENTUSAM, national, regional and global developments will be observed, future predictions will be drawn, faculty members will be oriented to strategic research, diverse scholarly approaches and thoughts will be fostered. 

Up-to-date and innovative work will be brought to the field of science with commentaries, analyses, reports, journals and books to be published as part of national and international academic events that will be held within the framework of KENTUSAM.