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Program Chair

Dear Students,

Today's living conditions have adverse effects as well as beneficial aspects for humanity. Due to the intense effects of social and business life, toxic factors cause various diseases. At this stage, it is essential to establish the correct diagnosis necessary for the treatment of diseases. Diagnosis is possible with the results of the analysis obtained by qualified health professionals in the laboratory environment. Therefore, medical laboratory technicians are one of the most critical components of the health sector.

The purpose of the program; To train Medical Laboratory Technicians who can analyze patient samples within the framework of ethical values, use the necessary methods and technologies quickly, obtain accurate and reliable results, have strong communication, solution-oriented work, and love their profession. Our program is an associate degree program and consists of 4 semesters. During the education period, primary and specific courses such as biochemistry, molecular biology and genetics, microbiology, anatomy, physiology and histology are given by expert and experienced academicians. The courses consist of theoretical and theory-based practices. In addition, courses that support students' success in laboratory environments such as basic skills in health, career development, stress management, occupational health and safety are given. Our graduates have vast job opportunities such as laboratories of public and private hospitals, forensic laboratories, private diagnostic laboratories and drug development laboratories.

In line with all these, we have to prepare our students for their professional life at the optimum level with the adequate technological infrastructure and educational opportunities of our university, having a contemporary perspective, having a good command of current scientific developments, behaving in moral values ​​and equipped with competent skills.

I want to say that I will be happy to be with our candidates interested in the Medical Laboratory Techniques program and think they can do their job with pleasure, and I wish them good health and success in their professional lives.

Asst. Prof. Elis DAYAN
Head of Medical Laboratory Techniques

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