Kent Üniversitesi


Deputy Manager

Dear Students, 

As we all know, one of the main purposes of law is to realize justice. In this way, along with judges, prosecutors and lawyers, courthouse personnel constitute an inseparable element of the judiciary. 

Our Justice Program aims to train courthouse personnel, execution officers and notary public personnel who are legally equipped, aiming at the realization of the law, and have professional and ethical rules. Our students who want to work in the public sector must be successful both in the Public Personnel Selection Examination and in the exams held by the Ministry of Justice. In addition, our Justice Program also contributes to the training of personnel who can be employed in the private sector. Our students who graduate from our Justice Program will be able to work as support staff in law offices, offices that provide legal services such as mediation and conciliation. Our students, who acquire basic legal knowledge in our Justice Program, have the opportunity to move on to law faculties if they are successful in the External Transfer Exam organized by OSYM given that they meet the other requirements as well. 

In our Justice Program, which covers a two-year education period, we have compulsory courses as well as elective courses. Our courses such as Constitutional Law, Civil Law, Notification Law, Law of Obligations, Criminal Law, Commercial Law, Administrative Law, Labor Law, Enforcement and Bankruptcy Law, Civil Procedure Law, Criminal Procedure Law, Keyboard Techniques are within the scope of compulsory courses. In addition, we enrich the diversity of the courses we offer with our field, non-field and university elective courses. Since our Justice Program was established within the framework of basic legal education, it is an area that requires responsibility, effort and perseverance. We are looking forward to meeting our students who want to work and improve themselves in this field, and wish them a successful and enjoyable academic life. 

Head of Justice Program, Law Department in Vocational School