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Welcome to İstanbul Kent University Writing and Culture Unit

İstanbul Kent University Writing and Culture Unit provides writing support to İstanbul Kent University students and academic staff and organizes cultural events. Writing advisors provide one-on-one or small-group consultations to guide writers at every stage of the writing process, building on their strengths and addressing any writing-related concerns. We also offer a professional program for workshops and events related to specific writing skills.

Additionally, because quality writing requires a high level of cultural competence, we offer a cultural program, including a series of talks and events where we invite various cultural and academic speakers. 

To make an appointment, please send an email to

In line with its main goal, İstanbul Kent University Writing and Culture Unit provides writing assistance at all academic levels and organizes cultural activities to develop the intellectual capacities of the students.

We provide writing assistance for academic assignments across all subject areas, including:

• Response and term papers.
• Essays.
• Presentations;
• Cover letters, abstracts and papers for conferences.
• Theses and dissertations

During our sessions, we support writing skills, including:

• Understanding writing tasks;
• Outlining;
• Organizing;
• Cohesion and coherence; 
• Researching;
• References/citations

To make use of the services or to suggest a cultural event please send an e-mail to:

Terms of Use: 

General Guidelines

1.​ Users should make an appointment in advance to use the Unit's services. You can find the application form here. 
2.​ Users may only schedule an appointment for a maximum of forty minutes. A consultation cannot exceed forty minutes.  
3.​ Users may only schedule three consultations with the same writing advisor per semester.
4.​ Users who arrive for a consultation more than five minutes late risk losing their time slot.
5.​ Users who consistently miss their appointments may lose their right to apply for future appointments at the Writing Center.

Ethical Use of the Unit

1. Users must bring some written material, completed in advance, to attend consultations (e.g., an outline, brainstorming paper, or preliminary essay).
2. Advisors will not edit or proofread user-submitted writing. Their goal is to help writers improve their writing skills. 
3. Users may share only their own work with advisors. If an advisor discovers that a student has shared someone else’s work, the advisor will end the consultation.
4. Unit advisors will not accept AI-generated written materials. Refrain from using AI writing programs. 
4. The written work presented to the Unit will not be translated, summarized, or paraphrased by Unit advisors.
6. Unit users will not ask advisors to locate research materials.
7. Unit advisors are not allowed to offer feedback on the quality of a written assignment or the grades that other faculty members have assigned to a written work.
8. Any conversations between a user and a Unit advisor are confidential. They will be not shared with outside parties without the user's written consent.
9. The general policies of the university regarding academic integrity also apply to the Unit. See the policies for plagiarism here. 

The program will be announced soon.  

To make an appointment, please send an e-mail to:

Useful Materials:
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Ahmet Ergenç
Alexis Allen
Deniz Karaca
Martin Duncan
Pınar Bilgin 
Furkan Yigit Tornacı