Kent Üniversitesi


Our unit is responsible for identifying the needs of individuals with disabilities in academic, administrative, physical, psychological and social areas. We plan, implement and develop studies to offer solutions to these needs, and evaluate the results of those studies. Our goal is to provide unimpeded education and training in an unimpeded campus area.


  • Raising awareness on "disability" by organizing trainings, seminars and conferences for academic and administrative staff as well as students.
  • Determination of needs by collaborating with departments and units in the University, for the provision of special tools and materials to disabled students.
  • Providing support and counseling to academic staff on course accessibility, determining appropriate exams and course applications for disabled students
  • Determining physical accessibility standards and needs in social, cultural and sportive event areas such as the cafeteria, library, health center, classrooms, public buildings, roads and parking spaces.
  • Facilitating communication between students by establishing an active disabled student platform in our university
  • Providing counseling services for physical, social and psychological problems caused by the disabilities of individuals.
  • Ensuring the participation of students in "Peer Support Service" and "Student Volunteer" programs in unit activities.
  • Carrying out assessment and evaluation activities for disabled students and as a result of the evaluations, taking measures to prevent situations that may hinder these students’ educational process.
  • Directing advisees to other institutions and organizations that provide psychological counselling when necessary.
  • Following-up of the activity plan and monitoring of existing practices.


Founded by the Unimpeded Education Foundation (ENEV), our University is committed to offering equal opportunities to students with disabilities in order to ensure that they do not face any physical or financial obstacles. In line with this principle, our unit acts as a bridge between our students with disabilities and our university, supports our students throughout their education life, and develops projects and implements new strategies and practices by identifying the obstacles that students may face.

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