Kent Üniversitesi

Giden Öğrenci

Dear Student,

Please be aware of the deadlines while planning your mobility. We advise you to decide when to go first: in fall or spring. In which season the courses are more convenient for you? Until when to apply to the host institution? How long it takes to get the visa?

Be in touch with your academic advisor for academic issues, host institution’s Erasmus Office/ your supervisor for how to apply, acceptance letter, where to stay, available courses questions. To deliver necessary documents get in contact with

Spare enough time for searching and reading before asking. Most of the times searching is more beneficial than asking. If you have questions about your findings, you could e-mail to the advisors about your confusions.

Acceptance Letter

Before you apply for the fund, we expect you to have some ideas about your chosen host institution already: in the means of teaching language of the institution and courses/learning program available. After your allocation, we will provide you a communication contact via nomination to host institution and start a conversation for you via e-mail. Get prepared for the minimum requirements of the host institution.

Please be in touch with the host institution to plan your study or traineeship mobility there and get an acceptance letter. While planning your learning activity you will need learning agreement for study or traineeship document. Please be sure that you have filled it meticulously and have it signed by all the parties; you, a responsible person at host institution and a responsible person at home institution.

Learning agreement(LA) for study is managed online: We advice you to open an account with your address. While preparing your learning agreement, ask to your host institution for the name and contact details of the person who will be confirming your LA digitally.

You should fill and get signed a PDF to complete your Learning agreement(LA) for traineeship. You could find the document at the end of this page. Scanned signatures are accepted.

Your grant agreements will be prepared accordance with your learning agreements.

Get ready for your travel

Addition to the organization that you should do about changing the place where you live for a period of time, you should prepare your documents to leave the country.

If you don't have one, you should get a passport first, the identity document for the time that you will be abroad. It is lucky that students are exempt from passport fee.

Following, you should check if you need a visa. Then, check related country's consulate website about your visa application. The consulate or an intermediary association will be providing you a checklist for your application. Consulate will be checking your documents to see how long you will be in the country, what is the purpose of your stay at host country, if you have adequate health insurance during your stay at the country, do you have enough resources to stay at host country.

We will add your health insurance to the attachment of your grant agreement.

Remember that green travel is promoted.

Grant Agreement

A week before you leave for your mobility activity, you should ask and sign your grant agreement with us. Please declare your Euro Account info in the agreement:

To be able to proceed your grant payment (%70 of the total amount), we will be waiting for two e-mails to

One from host institution; please ask them to declare us two things:

1- The date that you arrive at the institution
2-The date that your learning activities would start.

One from you: The departure/arrival stamps on your passport (or e-devlet)

We wish you the best during your learning process.

You should get your transcript of records or after mobility part of your learning agreement at the end of your process which shows the host institution’s evaluation about your period at host institution.

Please be aware that if you don’t attend to your planned learning activities, the grant will be asked back. If you can not get any credits at the end of your stay, %30 cut will be imposed to your total grant.

Once you have completed your activity, we would send you a report form for your evaluation of the period via e-mail. EU Survey is an essential part of your process. You can submit this report online via the link that will be sent to your e-mail.