Tubitak Project Success of Our University's Academics

Tubitak Project Success of Our University's Academics

Tarih : 17.11.2022

Project Name: Virtualized Human Experience Using Augmented Reality Via Kinect Sensor

Project Team: Kerim Nas (Computer Programming), Melike Mutlu (Computer Programming), Mert Pehlivan (Computer Programming)

Project Academic Advisor: Dr. Begüm Al Şengül

Project Name: Investigation of the Effects of Technology Use on Language Development in Preschool Children aged 36-60 Months with Agte and Tedil Tests

Project Team: Zeynep Arslan (Child Development), Enes Kazancı (Language and Speech Therapy)

Project Academic Advisor: Prof.Dr. Oya Yücel

Project Name: The Effect of Physician and Patient Communication on Treatment in Dentistry: Application of Mcguire Persuasion Theory

Project Team: İpek Temizer (Dentistry), Oğuz Bera Manav (Dentistry), Tuba Polat (Dentistry), Oğuzhan Özer (Dentistry)

Project Academic Advisor: Dr. Caner Yazıcıoğlu 

Project Name: The Effect of Video Education Method on the Knowledge, Skills and Motivation of Nursing Students in the Teaching of Fluid Intake and Extraction

Project Team: İpek Agırtmış (Nursing), Şamil Kargı (Nursing), İrem Avcı (Nursing)

Project Academic Advisor: Dr. Meryem Yıldız Ayvaz

TÜBİTAK 2022/1 Term

2209-B University Students Research Projects Support Program for Industry Supported Project

Project Name: Integration of Mandibular Anesthesia, Mental Anesthesia and Infiltrative Anesthesia Techniques into Child and Adult Jaws and Phantom Jaw Models

Project Team: Ömer Furkan Azizoğlu (Dentistry), Büşra Yılmaz (Dentistry), Mahmut Cem Alpaslan (Dentistry), Barış Parlak (YTU-Mechatronics Engineering)

Project Academic Advisor: Dr. Tuna Akdoğan

Project Industry Consultant: Rasim Gunes - MFK Machinery