Kent Üniversitesi


History : 20.02.2023

Dear Faculty Members and Dear Students,

In accordance with the statement made by the Council of Higher Education dated February 17, 2023, it has been decided for our University's 2022-2023 Academic Year Spring Term education activities;

---To start on February 20, 2023 for the 3rd, 4th and 5th year students of the Faculty of Dentistry,

---For the 1st and 2nd year students of the Faculty of Dentistry and other undergraduate and associate degree programs to start on February 27, 2023,

---For Graduate Education Institute Programs (Masters and PhD) to start on 06 March 2023 in accordance with the Academic Calendar,

--- For course selection to be available until 06 March 2023,

--- Taking into account the statement made by the Council of Higher Education, the courses defined as “Vocational Education in Business”, “Internship” and “Applied Course” within the scope of Article 3 titled “Definitions” of the Framework Regulation on Applied Education in Higher Education to be conducted through face-to-face education while the theoretical courses will be carried out synchronously or asynchronously through online education.

As Istanbul Kent University, our priority is to ensure the continuity of all our students' education. Up-to-date detailed information on education activities will be shared by the relevant Faculty / Vocational School / Institute within the framework of the statements to be made by the Council of Higher Education.