Being from Kent means positive discrimination
against female and handicapped students.

Being from Kent means getting a modern
approach to education, in a safe environment,
without being isolated from city life.

Being from Kent means that, as a handicapped
student, you have the opportunity to get a
university education alongside your friends,
thanks to the technology and architectural
solutions available.

Being from Kent means understanding that
being hearing or visually impaired and disabled
does not stop you from getting an education.

Being from Kent means being able to get an
education in various developed countries,
without having to lose academic time.

Being from Kent means receiving an
investigative and innovative education in the
light of modern science.

Being from Kent means being an individual
with high self confidence, who recognizes the
world around them as well as themselves.

Being from Kent means being somebody that
has all the qualities and know-how required in
the professional world.